• MINIDIST PLUS Type B V7 D2892-D1160

MINIDIST PLUS Type B V7 D2892-D1160

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Fully automatic apparatus ASTM D2892, D1160
Real-time curves and synoptic display on color LCD
Automatic, variable speed vacuum lowering and regulation
Automatic distillation rate control 
Automatic IBP and FBP detections
Automatic, 12 position fraction collector
Multiple fractions at atmospheric and vacuum pressure 
Automatic sample cleaning
Run in °C or °F, mmHg or mBar
Extensive library of distillation programs
Data storage of unlimited distillation runs with USB key and/or LIMS transfer
Built-in Ethernet interface
Printer included 
MIN+ Type B D2892/ D1160

Multiple options available


Our fully automatic distillation unit in accordance with ASTM D2892 and D1160 methods for distillation of crude oils or cuts with automatic procedure from debutanisation to reduced pressure and operator intervention (approx. 5min) only to remove prepared fractions at the end of each 3-4 hour sequence (if more than 12 fractions need to be prepared). Unit includes a D2892 column,stainless steel boiling flask with 2 to 30 L capacity combination with an  additional D1160 cabinet with 500mL quartz flask. Special column and flask sizes are available on request.

This unit facilitates all types of discontinuous distillation of chemical and organic components for boiling temperatures up to 200°C/392°F under atmospheric pressure, as well as vacuum down to 0.1 mmHg (being the atmospheric equivalent temperature, AET, of 575-600°C/1050-1150°F).
The complete TBP D2892 distillation can be performed from the debutanization stage to Final Boiling Point (FBP) within about 15-18 hours. All sequences are chained automatically. When the next step involves a pressure change, the sample charge flask is automatically cooled to a preset temperature and return to atmospheric pressure. Then the operator may remove full distillate receivers and replace them with empty ones before approving the continuation of the next step toward FBP. The fractions can be prepared by temperature and/or % volume set points. 
The D1160 distillation is generally run under reduced pressure 1 mmHg or lower in order to prepare boiling point curve or  fractions up to 600C AET in temperature or volume.

The MINIDIST PLUS type B, C, or D process cabinets are closed cabinets with safety doors for easy access. Version V7.0 includes a built-in Linux industrial controller with interface process boards, color LCD display and industrial alphanumeric keyboard. There is no longer a need for an external Windows PC supervisor.


automatic, ASTM D2892, D5236, D1160 multi-process distillation units type B, C, or D with 2L to 30L capacity in one process cabinet
No operator intervention from start to FBP 600 C AET
Up to 100 TBP analysis per year 
Easy operation in local-mode 
No need for an external PC to operate with all functions of GECDIST V7 Software