Created in 1967, GECIL Process was the first manufacturer, worldwide, of fully automatic distillation D2892 and D1160 units.


Specializing in automation of petroleum testing apparatus, with a focus on distillation, GECIL Process is also renowned as a glassblowing company for creating the necessary components in compliance with current ASTM methods. Founded in 1984, our subsidiary, GT Instruments, provides distribution and servicing of our petroleum testing equipment in the Americas.


Internationally renowned expertise in automation allows us to upgrade all GECIL Process crude oil evaluation distillation apparatus manufactured and installed since 1974, to the latest control instrumentation.


Seven generations of automatic distillation units have been introduced for our line of crude oil evaluation apparatus. Continuous feedback from users and participation in several standardization organizations, such as ASTM, keeps us on top of the latest design modifications and improvements for GECIL Process distillation apparatus.


Gecil process values


All units are manufactured at our facility in France and quality tested prior to delivery


Our comprehensive customer service standards include training, installation, updates, follow-up, and remote technical support.  We provide the best to meet your needs.


Staying ahead in R&D is a GECIL core value.  We take pride in knowing that some of our first units sold are still in use. 


Our expertise and passion allow us to work with petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and biochemical industries to design and create innovative processing units for their needs.

By choosing a GECIL Process distillation unit, you can be sure that your investment will last for decades.