• GECDIST 1160 V6 semi auto and automatic

GECDIST 1160 V6 semi auto and automatic

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 Automatic or semi automatic  ASTM D1160 Apparatus 
 No operator intervention from start to FBP 
 External PC controller
 Automatic sample degassing and cleaning
 Run in °C or °F, in mmHg or mBar
 Up to 50 distillation programs
 Data storage of up to 100 distillation results
 Local ticket label printer to print results
 Display of curves
 Accessible control rack for maintenance


Fully automatic ASTM D1160 unit for distillation of crude oil residue or lubricating cuts, with automatic procedure from preheating to reduced pressure.  No operator intervention up to the final boiling point (FBP) and automatic return to atmospheric pressure.

This unit can carry out all types of discontinuous distillation of chemical and organic components for boiling temperatures up to 350°C under atmospheric pressure or at vacuum down to 1.0 mmHg, the atmospheric equivalent temperature (AET) of 575°C/1070°F.

The operator controls the unit with all necessary functions: programming, results storage, run distillation display, diagnostic mode and data transfer via RS232.

Version V6.0 benefits from 20 years of improvements and a custom design program to access parameters at any moment.this unit accommodates heavy and light oil, residues, difficult samples, and atmospheric runs. 

The accessible external PC control unit consists of:
A set of all electrotechnical elements necessary to activate process elements: pump, heaters, electrovalves, motors, etc.
A built-in industrial Pentium PC with all necessary process interfaces and software to control the distillation unit. User friendly software, allowing operator control and distillation status visualization in local-mode.
All elements from the process cabinet are connected to the rear of the external V6 rack controller, including probes, pressure sensors, follower stepping motor, optical sensors, and heating mantle.


Affordable ASTM D1160 Vacuum Distillation for QC laboratories and refineries

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