• DH87 TWIN Debydration Continuous system 3L / hour

DH87 TWIN Debydration Continuous system 3L / hour

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Automatic crude oil dehydration unit for use before running ASTM D2892 crude oil distillation on wet samples.


The DH87 & DH87 TWIN units are specially designed for crude evaluation laboratories to remove water from raw crude prior to performing D2892 distillation with quantification of water content and safe operation without any operator intervention.

The complete process is housed in a single, closed cabinet and includes the following components: 30L sample charge thermostated reactor
2 dosing pumps, equipped with filter to avoid contamination
2 Stainless Steel thermostated reactor to vaporize samples and recover the dehydrated sample in a 25L vesselby isothermic reaction 
10L decantation vessel to collect the water and first distillate
1 set of debutanisation traps


Performs continuous automatic dehydration of crude oil samples with up to 3 L / hour

Dehydrate to less than 0.1% content, petroleum crude oil containing up to 60% water

Continuous automated operation

Protect your TBP D2892 glassware investment

improve laboratory safety