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GEC-PAT940 Multimethods Auto titrator


GEC-PAT940 Multimethods auto titrator
ASTM D664 - D974-D2896 -D3227 - D4739

The GEC - PAT940 titrator is used for TAN total acid number titrator , TBN Total base number , Mercaptan Sulphur , Analysis of petroleum products , lubricants and transformer oils . The titration system comply to several ASTM , IP , ISO methods such as ASTM D664 TAN , D2896 TBN , D4739 TBN  on new and used lubricants ; and D3227 Mercaptan sulfur in gasolines , Kerosene, aviation fues and distillate fuels. All these methods predefined in one instrument easy to use

INCREASE Versatility  - SAVE  time - LOWER training level .

Features and Benefits

  - User friendly auto titration system.
  - User selectable End Point mode.
  - Compliant to ASTM methods for TAN/TBN analysis of oil samples. Mercaptan sulphur titration method as standard.
  - Interchangeable burette assemblies with intelligent volume recognition system and color coded electrodes.
  - Vortex mixing system for vigorous and homogeneous stirring of viscous samples.
  - Alphanumeric entry of all method parameters and sample data that ensures GLP compliance.
  - Pre-programmed ASTM methods for easy operation.
  - Two level of password protection, Administrator and User for method editing.
  - User selectable report formats – Titration analysis reports, method parameters, Data table, Titration curves, etc..
  - Full reprocessing and statistical analysis of run data including first and second derivative graphical report.
  - Balance interface for weight data transfer.
  - Data download to PC via LAN RJ45 port.

Burette system

Interchangeable burette assembly with intelligent volume recognition system. Simply remove the retaining screw, slide out the burette assembly and replace with different volume or titrant burette. Easy to follow screen prompts.

Titration vessel

Complete with vortex mixing for vigorous and homogeneous stirring of viscous samples. Chemically inert glass stirrer paddle. The vortex mixer is located next to the electrode so that the whole assembly can be swung away from the titration unit for easy rinsing and cleaning.

Electrode system

A range of specially manufactured color coded electrodes designed for optimum performance and excellent results and automatic recognition technology.

Technical Specifications

Control:                                 Micro-controller based
Burette:                                 5 ml or 10 ml capacity, interchangeable. 25 ml Optional.
Burette resolution:             1/5000 for 5 ml, 1/10000 for 10 ml and 25/5000 for 25 ml.
Filling time:                          < 20 seconds
Principle:                             Volume determination by equivalence point, end point.
Modes of operation:             a)Incremental 
                                                 b)Equilibrium titration
Methods:                              TAN, TBN and Mercaptan sulphur
mV range:                           ± 3200 mV
Accuracy :                            ± 0.1 mV (±  0.0016 pH).
Amplifier Input Impedance:             > > 10 12 ohms
End Point detection:          Potentiometric
Cut-off criteria:                    a)Volume 
                                            b)End point
Results:                                Direct readout of TAN, TBN and Mercaptan Sulphur concentrations
Sensors:                             Color coded Optimized electrodes for autorecognition technology.
Titration Head:                   Manual stand with swiveling arm for electrode, dispensing tip & stirrer is provided as standard.
Stirring System:                 Micro-controller based variable speed, high torque stirrer
Data Storage:                     Non-volatile memory
Peripheral Interface:             a) 2 USB port and Bluetooth printing wireless.
                                                  b) Serial Ports for Balance & autosampler .
Report Format:                  Selection of various formats -  a) Method parameters b) Titration analysis report 
                                             c) Titration analysis condensed report d) Titration data table 
                                             e) Titration graphic report – 1) ml v/s mV 2) ml v/s First derivative 3) ml v/s Second derivative 4) ml v/s time. 
                                              f) Statistics report
Keyboard:                           Capacitance touch color screen.
Display:                              Width 152 mm Heigh 89 mm .
Environmental operating conditions:    Indoor.    Temperature   :  Ambient to 45 °C
                                    Operating temperature and humidity   : +5 to 45°C Max, 5 to 90% non condensing.
                                    Storage temperature and humidity      : +5 to 45°C Max, 5 to 90% non condensing.
Power, Weight and dimensions             110V/220V AC ±10%, 60/50Hz. 160W
                                                                      Dispenser POD 14 x 14 x 5 cm.
                                                                      Control POD 25 x 13 x 22 cm.
Titration POD (with Electrode Arm) :      40 X 25 X 9 cm


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