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As per ASTM D4164-  D4179- D5757

This instrument is designed to measure the bulk density of both powders and formed particles (maximum size about 5 mm). It complies with ASTM standard D4164. The sample is poured into a graduated cylinder (usually 250 ml) hinged on a tapping device. A four-digit taps counter is included, which can be programmed to the required number of taps (usually 1000). When tapping is completed, the tapped volume is read on the cylinder graduation.
  • This bench top instrument comply with CE specifications.
  • Weight 25 kg
  • Size (Width x Height x Depth) 32 x 40 x 55 cm
  • Sample particle size 5 mm max
  • Reproducibility 1.5% in accordance with ASTM standard D4164
  • This instrument measure the attrition resistance of any type of powder. It is based on the air jet principle and strictly follows ASTM standard method D5757. Nonetheless, it can also be used according to different procedures. Typical powders to be measured by this technique range between 10 and 180 micrometers in size. The equipment consists of a special stainless steel attrition chamber, where the powder is stressed by high-speed air jets, coming from precision-drilled submillimeter nozzles. They provide an accelerated simulation of the attrition phenomena occurring in reality during a period of months. Ahead of the attrition chamber both air pressure and flow rate measurement instruments are located. An assembly for fines collection is placed behind the attrition chamber. The air flow can be humidified by inserting a water saturator. The percent loss of fines after a specified time of treatment gives a measurement of the attrition resistance. The unit has been designed to allow fast operation . The ASTM standard method D5757-00 has been primarily designed for catalysts, but can be advantageously applied also to other powdered materials in the 10-180 micrometers size range. The standard amount of material to be tested is 50 grams and the standard air flow rate to be used is 600 l/h. Upon request alternative testing procedures can be supplied. Due to the relatively recent introduction of this standard method, no widely agreed specifications for fluid bed or slurry catalysts are presently known. Suggestions can be given by our specialists.

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