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About us 2018

GECIL Process a world-renowned manufacturer of Automatic Laboratory Equipment for the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry. In 1975 GECIL Process developed the first Fully Automatic Rapid TBP ASTM D2892 Distillation Unit. Today our dedicated team of Chemists, Mechanical, Electronic and Software Engineers utilizing expertise and knowledge of 45 years gained with customers in Production, Quality Control and Research all over the world are designing the instruments of tomorrow.

Established in 1984 to service the North and South American markets, GT Instruments provides sale, service and technical support for the full range of GECIL Process Distillation Units and Analyzers and automatic ASTM Analyzers for the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry.



We are proud to introduce our expanded range of Automatic Distillation Apparatus version V6 , Automatic ASTM Petroleum Testing Instruments, Moisture determination KF Instruments, Gas Chromatography Software and hardware, Geochemistry Analyzers , Catalyst evaluation instrumentation . Soon our Web site will provide you with access to specific areas for current customers with technical support online.


On behalf of the staff at GECIL Process we thank you for your support and wish you a successful new year 2018. 


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