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GECIL process has been manufacturing fully automatic distillation D2892 D5236 and D1160 unit since 1974 . GECIL Process is not only a glassblowing company putting together the necessary components in order to comply with the latest ASTM method but we are specialists for more than 40 years of automation of petroleum testing apparatus with a special focus on distillation automation .

Our expertise in automation allows us to upgrade to the latest control instrumentation technology all our crude oil evaluation distillation apparatus manufactured and installed since 1974 . As a current user of one of our distillation unit you have been aware of the reliability of our process design. But as you know electronic technology development gets a faster obsolescence than the process parts . Most of our original and current distillation users ( more than 90% ) have been taking this possibility to upgrade their original investment with new upgrade controller some original process cabinet are more than 30 years old . Do you know one of your laboratory instrumentation supplier who achieve such back up and support of current and past users ??? This is what we call dedication !!! 

Since 1974 we introduced 6 generations of automatic control distillation controller for our line of crude oil evaluation apparatus . The latest version V6.0 include a built in industrial PC Pentium with only one interface board to control all elements of the process distillation cabinet allowing the operator to operate the unit locally or remotely from an external supervisor PC Windows XP to W8 with link via the Ethernet port of the built in industrial PC104 .

If you are looking for high quality , expertise , experience , you came to the right place.



By upgrading your distillation unit to the PC104 Controller Version V6 , you will be able also to benefit of the new features of the GECDIST Net supervisor Software with following specifications below.
Also for current users of distillation units D2892 - D5236 from others vendors where technical support , service or even vendor has been bankrupt or cease their activity , our specialize technical staff can make an evaluation of your distillation unit to propose an upgrade process cabinet Version V6 from GECIL. 
By doing so you will save money and get the last generation distillation unit V6 from the leader in the industry with a sure support for the many years coming. This is not only words but this has been back up with facts


A standard PC Pentium IV or Higher is delivered running under Windows W8 . It can be install by the user next to the unit or in a remote area . The communication between the MINIDIST PLUS or MINIDIST1160 Upgrade controller version V6.0 is done via an Ethernet interface via TCPIP protocol . The minimum configuration delivered includes the following features .

- PC Pentium IV 2Ghz , 256Mb , 40Gb Hard drive, CDRW Burner , Integrated Audio, integrated graphics , Monitor 17” , Fast Ethernet NIC 10/100 , Windows XP Pro , W7 Pro or W8 , Windows Pack Office last release .

- GECIL GECDIST-Net Remote control software for MVD ,  D2892 , D5236 , D1160.

- GECIL software to convert result s MINIDIST in Excel format  and many others features

- LIMS ready capability . 


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