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GEC TAN Total Acid Number auto titrator

The GEC - TAN total acid number titrator has been designed to offer maximum specifications and features whilst being priced at a very competitive level. This titrator conforms to ASTM D664 for determination of acidic constituents in petroleum products, lubricants and transformer insulating oils

ELIMINATE Syringe bubbling errors - SAVE on  Solvent use - LOWER training time .
• User-frendly instrument.
• Easy to use. Provides precise results   even for non specialized users.
• Specific titration programs depending on the expected TAN of the sample.
• Results in mg KOH/g.
• Data Logger for the last 50 titration results.
• Transmission of results to printer or  PC.
• High precision 10ml syringe.
• Resolution 1/40,000 of syringe volume.
• 5 year warranty.

Technical specifications : .

Non-volatile memory   3 titration programs depending on TAN content,
                                Blank titration, Clock/calendar.
                                Header texts:2 lines x 40 characters.
                                Up to 4 operator names
                                Up to 50 results stored in Data Logger
Languages : English, Spanish, French, Italian
Display Graphic backlit LCD, 128 x 64 dots
Keypad Membrane, 7 keys, guaranteed up to 6 million strokes per key
            Material: PET with protective treatment
Syringe volume          Standard syringe 10 ml
Resolution                 1/40000 of syringe volume
Dispensing accuracy             (as relative error) ≤ 0.2 % for volumes higher than 10 % of syringe
Dispensing reproducibility          ± 0.1 % for volumes higher than 10 % of the syringe
Liquid contact materials: Syringe in borosilicate glass and PTFE
                                     Electrovalve: PTFE and KEL-F. Tubes: PTFE
Inputs and outputs     Differential measurement: 2 BNC connectors.
                                For external keyboard, miniDIN connector.
                                RS232C bidirectional for PC or printer, telephone connector.
                                RS232C for balance, telephone connector
                                Stirrer control: On/Off and speed, RCA connector
Power supply            110 – 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Electrical safety         Meets EC, EN 61010
EMC                         Meets EC, EN 50081-2 and EN 50082-2
Permitted temperatures  Operating: 10 – 40 ºC. Storage: 10 – 50 ºC
                                    ≤ 80 %, relative humidity, non condensing
Enclosure                   ABS and enamelled steel
Physical parameters              Weight: 4 kg approx.
Dimensions:                         130 x 160 x 300mm



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