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Performs extraction in accordance with ASTM D3275 IP143, NF 60115 
  • Test performed quickly and accurately
  • Test performed with fewer operator interventions
  • Apparatus completely sealed (no toxic emissions)
  • Accurate and repeatable low concentration determinations

    • Useful laboratory tool to save time and prevent toxic contamination 
    • Apparatus including several heating mantles and condenser can be installed under a hood
    • Low asphaltenes concentration determinations

    The semi automatic ASPHAN 02 apparatus offers several benefits to the chemist and operator:

    • Compact design; easy operation
    • Increase repeatability and reproducibility
    • Increases the yield of the standard methods
    • Decreases solvent consumption as the solvents can be recovered
    • Increases the safety level as the filtration step of the method is automatic without operator intervention or contact with solvents

    The titration of asphaltenes content of petroleum products is generally determined in accordance with ASTM D3275,  IP143 or NFT 60115 standards by precipitation with n-heptane. These methods are very time consuming and difficult to handle for samples from hydrotreatment or visbreaking processes.


    Normally with such methods, determinations below 0.5% asphaltenes content are impossible. Also for determinations above 0.5%, the repeatability and reproducibility are very poor respectively 10% and 20%.

    Our ASPHAN 02 analyzer, designed by TOTAL ELF Research, improves the characteristics of the ASTM D3275 , IP143 and NFT 60115 methods in respect to:

    • Repeatability around 5% for content> 2% Wt.
    • Minimum determination level at 0.2 / 0.3% Wt

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