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As per ASTM D113, IP 32, DIN 52013

Three simultaneous tests and digital display of elongation to the nearest 1mm.

  • The sample container, made of stainless steel, is fully insulated with asbestos free light fiber. It must be filled up with approximately 18 liters of distilled water.
  • The trolley, supporting the three specimens, is hanged on a guide bar and is smoothly moved by a stepping motor alongside a feed balls screw bar without vibration. Both are installed in a separate compartment outside of the sample container to avoid any water-induced corrosion. The speed can be adjusted and digitally displayed on the control panel from 1 to 99 mm/min to 0.1 mm step. Two opaque glass panels are laid on the bottom of the sample container to view the break point. The instrument is stopped at break point and the resulting increase in length is read on the digital display the nearest 1 mm.
  • The maximum increase in length is 1000 mm. Water temperature control is achieved using existing cooling coil installed at the bottom of the sample container and connected to an external optional cooling circulating bath. Sample temperature can be adjusted at any value between 4°C and 90°C according to the specification of the optional bath.

  • The instrument is supplied complete with a set of 3 molds and 3 surface plates for mold assembly as described in the standard. Possible Ductility instrument with same features as above but with maximum elongation length 1500 mm and 25 liters water content 


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