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GECSOFT model NBA 440

Performs test in accordance with ASTM D36, EN 1427, NFT 66008 ISO 4625, DIN 52011, NFT 66147, IP 58

  • The four blade stirring system provides a perfect homogeneity as well as a perfect follow up of temperature gradients as required by the various standards.
  • The operator can program the sensitivity of the photosensitive cells and can also validate the emergent stem correction.
  • At the end of the test a cooling fan aimed at the heating block is automatically activated. The operator can stop the fan automatically or manually.



The automatic softening point tester NBA 440 uses the ring and ball method to determine the softening point of asphalt, bitumen, tar, pitch and resins. The NBA 440 unit includes a microprocessor control top section with waterproof keyboard and display.

The bottom section includes a control board, safety board, heating element, cooling fan, mechanical stirrer, lamp and two optical sensors, and a standard beaker with dual ring holder.

The mechanical stirrer is specially designed not to influence the falling of the balls and to insure good temperature homogeneity inside the beaker. The NBA 440 is delivered with a RS232 connection and printer outlets. Printing out temperature gradients all along a test process is also possible.

The user-friendly software allows to program safety cuts-off and keyboard calibrations, to display and print out configuration test reports that can be of interest for traceability.




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