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CFPP Model NTL 450



Performs test in accordance with ASTM D6371 IP309, CEN EN116, NFT 07042

One Position testing analyzer Detection by special optical cells 

CFPP test with Real time Display of the method cooling steps and curves

Suction and back flow mode
independent vacuum circuitry for compliance with the method

Cleaning Cycle

Printer and printer interface

Possibility to use a programmed linear cooling slope

Quick and easy set up  on testing head

Stand alone or networking configuration

Display of sucking up time &  release time  of the sample

Easy access to maintenance paramaters by software

Easy access to hardware maintenance

Electronic vacuum regulation with 15 l/h



The CFPP has the ability to run the determination of the cold filter plugging point in accordance with the above methods. These procedures are widely used in European countries and are now being used in the United States and Canada as a complementary test to the well known ASTM D2500 cloud point and ASTM D97 pour point tests.

The testing channel incorporates a temperature controlled cooling bath, vacuum suction system, two optical detectors, 20 ml pipette with filter assembly and a highly accurate platinum resistance thermometer. The suction system is automatically regulated to 20 millibar. The CFPP apparatus allows to perform cold filter plugging test.

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