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NTE 450


Performs Cloud and Pour Points in accordance with ASTM D97 and D2500

  • Tilting pour point determination
  • Pour point every l, 2, 3C
  • Cloud point every 1 or O.1C
  • Single position analyzer for cloud and / or Pour Point test
  • Works in C
  • Fast testing mode available
  • User programmable cooling steps
  • Up to 4 instruments can be connected to external cooling bath
  • Probes calibration menu
  • Diagnostic service mode
  • Networking capability
  • Printer interface built-in

Our NTE 450 unit is now available with tilting determination of the pour point as required by ASTM D97 and includes the following features:
  • Bench-size unit
  • Microprocessor control with backlight display
  • Waterproof touch screen display
  • Built-in printer interface and printer delivered
  • Software for printing results and programs
  • Storage up to 200 results , Ethernet interface
The cooling jar with ASTM cooling steps controlled automatically.

Testing head on the same instrument can accomodate two types of tests : Cloud Point with optical fiber sensor, And/or Pour Point with ultra sonic sensor with mechanical tilting system, Testing sample receiver with level marker per ASTM with or without mirror .

An external cooling circulating bath is required to achieve the maximum lower temperature desired, i.e. for test down to -30C or test down to -60C.


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