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Performs continuous automatic dehydration of crude oil samples

  • Dehydrate petroleum crude oil samples, containing up to 42% water, to less than 0.1% water content.
  • Continuous automated operation without operator supervision.
  • Protect your TBP glassware investment.



The DH 87 unit is specifically designed for crude evaluation laboratories to remove water from raw crude samples prior to performing TBP ASTM D2892 distillations. Allowing the quantification of the water content and a safe operationfor the TBP glassware .

The complete process is housed in a single closed cabinet and includes the following components:
6 liter double-jacketed sample charge vessel; thermostated circulating baths with digital display; stainless steel filtered pipe to prevent contaminant damage to the dosing pump; electronic controlled injection dosing pump; and stainless steel thermostated reactor to progressively vaporize the sample and recover the dehydrated sample by isothermic reaction.


A high temperature thermostated bath controls the reactor temperature up to 200C. Several sample fractions are recovered by utilizing a 4 liter dehydrated sample vessel; 2 liter double-jacketed decantation vessel; and set of debutanization traps.

Also are available on request higher capacity models up to 30 Liters . Contact us .


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