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MINIDIST PLUS type E and F Version V6 with GECDIST Net



  • Fully automatic compact apparatus
  • Unattended operation during each sequence under Atmo or Vacuum
  • Flask capacity from 2L up to 100L
  • Embedded PC pentium user-friendly in local mode and networking Ethernet
  • All components housed in one cabinet with IP65 Electrical Cabinet
  • Preparation of fractions up to 400°C AET
  • Distillation rate control and optional Differential pressure control
  • 12 receivers automatic fraction collector 
  • Print charts and curves , Synoptic display of the process  in local mode and supervisor PC
  • Diagnostic display for easy maintenance
  • Curves display during or after a run of all analog and parameters
  • Up to 50 distillation programs stored in local mode , unlimited in the PC supervisor GECDIST Net
  • Thousands of distillation runs stored locally or on the supervisor PC
  • Ethernet RJ45 interface built in to connect to PC supervisor GECDIST Net


Fully automatic distillation unit in accordance with ASTM 2892 method for the distillation of crude oils or cuts with automatic procedure from debutanisation to reduced pressure without any intervention from the operator during each step of the distillation except to remove the prepared fractions at the end of each sequence ( atmospheric step or reduced pressure steps) I.e. about 5 minutes every 3 to 4 hours operation .Unit includes a D2892 column with Multiknit packing and a stainless steel boiling flask, with capacity 2  up to 100 L . This unit can carry out all types of discontinuous distillation of chemical and organic components for boiling temperatures up to 200°C/392°F under atmospheric pressure and also at vacuum down to 1 mmHg which corresponds to an atmospheric equivalent temperature (AET) of 400-452°C/752-845°F.

· The complete TBP D2892 distillation can be performed from the debutanisation stage to the Final boiling point within about 15 to 18 hours. All the different sequences are chained automatically .When the next step involves a pressure change, the sample charge flask is automatically cooled to a preset temperature and return to atmospheric pressure, then operator removes full distillate receivers, replaces these with empty ones and approves the continuation of the next step toward FBP .The fractions can be prepared by temperature and / or % volume set points .

The MINIDIST PLUS type E or F process cabinet is a closed cabinet with safety doors for easy access. In Version V6.0 of MINIDIST PLUS type E or F, a built in industrial PC with interface process boards has been implemented in the local process cabinet with a color LCD display and industrial alphanumeric keyboard . No more dedicated interfaces in the supervisor Windows W8 PC generally located away from the process cabinet with our GECDIST Net Supervisor Remote software .


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