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As per ASTM D56

  • Strictly in accordance with the above-mentioned standard this unit benefits from the latest technology improvements. For instance, the testing process can be supervised at distance thanks to a large graphic display. The instrument can also be used with a portable C02 gas cartridge kit.
  • Aside the method required by the standard, a quick search method is available in order to find out the flash point of unknown samples. The dual detection system - thermal and ionization - allows testing all type of products.

  • The NTA 440 is delivered with a flame tip detector as well as an automatic gas cutoff at the end of the test process
  • Changing the safety and operating parameters, calibrating through keyboard, modifying language and units, performing maintenance have become easy thanks to the new user-friendly software which also memorizes the previous 100 test results
  • The instrument can be connected to an external cryostat bath. During the test the system automatically operates solenoid valves in order to regulate the cooling medium. The heating block is rapidly cooled down at the end of the test
  • The temperature curve can be printed out. The unit has been designed in order to operate between -28C and +93C

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