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NMC 210

As per ASTM D4530

A fully automated instrument to determine carbon residue in accordance with ASTM D4530

  • The NMC 210 provide a single ASTM method
  • The double insulated oven is ventilated with an inert gas which allows to perform micro conradson test up to 500C.

  • A manometer located in front of the instrument displays the gas pressure and a flow meter the gas flow in the chamber.
  • Furnace temperature range up to 550 C
  • Temperature measurement resulution : 1C
  • Furnace cooling : By compressed air
  • Maximum load of samples : 12 small vials
  • The instrument is equipped with preset and programmable cuts-off for safety. The heating element is especially protected against overheating

  • The model NMC 210 is a single method analyzer,compact and cost effective


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