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Filter Blocking Tendency of Distillate Fuel Oils NBF210

As per ASTM D2068, IP387

The NBF 210 automatically determines Filter Blocking Tendency (FBT) of distillate fuel oils where the end use demands an exceptional degree of cleanliness. The NBF 210 automatically determines FBT by integrating filtered flow and pressure during the test. The pressure/flow curve is automatically printed at the end of the test as well as the calculation method and results.

The instrument consist of the following elements:

  • A pump system which maintains a constant flow
  • A pressure sensor set behind the filter
  • Two 400ml beakers
  • An automatic follow up system of the filtered volume during the test.
  • The temperature, pressure, time and eventually FBT are displayed on a LCD screen.
  • Two models are available, portable or bench top. Both delivered with an 80 column printer and ready for use.





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