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Model NPI 442


As per ASTM D525, D873, D942, D5304 ISO 7536, IP 40, IP 138, IP 142, NFT 07013

  • Fully automatic
  • Automatic print out of test curves
  • No water level to adjust
  • Safety leak detection
  • Pressure relief burst disc 

    The Induction Period (ASTM D525) and Potential Residue (ASTM D873) are widely used methods for the determination of the stability of gasoline under accelerated oxidation conditions (ASTM D525) and for the determination of aviation reciprocating, turbine and jet engine fuels to form gum and deposits under accelerated aging conditions (ASTM D873).

    The user-friendly design of the GECOX Model NPI 442 decreases potential sample preparation errors that most commonly occur during this type of ASTM testing. The unit is available in two configurations:
      1. A Model with 2-Testing Positions and utilizes a 26L Water Bath with 1500W Heating Resistance.
      2. A Model with 4-Testing Positions and offers the benefit of a temperature-controlled, Solid-Aluminum Block Bath which eliminates the need to adjust the level of water in the bath.
    In both models, the regulation accuracy of the temperature is to the nearest 0.1 °C. Other main features for both models include:
    • Built-in Embedded PC pentium Control Unit.
    • Keyboard and Display for Easy Operation.
    • Graphics Printer for Results and Curves Reports.
    • PT1 00 Bath Probe with accuracy within 0.1 °C.
    • Electronic Pressure Sensor for each position, 1-1200 KPa, with accuracy within 1 KPa (0-180 psi + 0.15 psi).
    • Oxidation Vessel (ordered separately) with Quick Connectors for Easy Handling and St.St. Pressure Burst Disc for Safety Regulation, includes Glassware.

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