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MINIDIST 1160 Version V6 With GECDIST Net


Performs distillation in accordance with ASTM D1160

  • Fully automatic apparatus for Lab QC and Research 
  • Embedded PC104 Pentium with Color LCD and Keypad 
  • User-friendly software with diagnostic display
  • Calibration procedure built in  
  • Totally self-contained analyzer
  • Heating rate optimization
  • Automatic sample degassing
  • Adjustable vacuum lowering rate
  • Hot air heated receiver chamber
  • Temperature in degrees C or F
  • Final reports % V / AET in D1160 and TBP calculations
  • Synoptic display of the process  and Easy service help display
  • Curves display during or after a run
  • Extensive library of distillation programs
  • Data storage of thousands of distillation runs
  • Built-in Ethernet interface to link to network or GECDIST Net PC Supervisor Software
See Also GECDIST Net

MINIDIST 1160 version V6 is a stand-alone, bench-size unit designed to automatically run vacuum distillation of crude residue and high boiling mineral fractions up to 600°C/1100°F AET in accordance with ASTM D1160. It is the result of more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing such analyzer.
  • The MINIDIST 1160 consists of two sections in one compact cabinet :
    A process cabinet including all ASTM glassware assembly with double-silvered, jacketed column, 500 ml quartz boiling flask, 200 ml receiver thermostated by hot circulating air in the receiver chamber, vacuum trap, temperature probes, pressure sensor, level follower system to control the volume and the distillation rate, vacuum pump, and water or synthetic oil circulating thermostated bath for the column condenser. All process components are housed in a closed cabinet.
  • A computer control embedded PC104 Pentium environment with the latest software generation with color LCD monitor , keypad and label graphic printer. Gecil process has been in fact the first manufacturer worldwide to design a PC control automatic vacuum ASTM D1160 distillation in the 80's.This last genaration also benefit of all capabilities of the GECDIST Net new remote control networking software . See link above .

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