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NDI 450

As per ASTM D86, D850, D1078, ISO 3405, NFM 07002, DIN 51751, IP 123

The NDl 450 complies with all 5 groups of sample types defined in the ASTM methods. The new NDI 450 optimizes the determination of boiling characteristics of gasoline, fuels, oils, spirits, naphthas and very heavy products under atmospheric pressure.


  • It can operate as a stand alone unit with its touchscreen color display. It can also be linked together to an external PC supervisor with user friendly Windows controlling software. Up to 12 distillation units can be connected to the PC Supervisor. Each unit is independent and may be disconnected or stopped without disrupting other units.
  • Strictly in accordance with standards, the instrument provides traceability of temperature gradients, auto-handling in case of decomposition point, auto-determination of heating levels, computer aided creation and memorization of distillation programs, up to 1000 distillation product files and unlimited number of test results memorization, on-line help system, PID temperature control and immediate thermostated condenser and receiver.
  • Safety has been strengthened thanks to a 15 sec. periodic checkup of alarms, an automatic cutoff of heater, differential disrupters, fire detector and C02 extinguisher system, receiver presence and door shutting detectors.

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  • Specifications - 0 to 450 C operating range - 0,05 C precision for vapor detection temperature,automatic positionning of the probe - the receiver compartment is regulated from 1 to 60 C for heavy samples and paraffin.
  • As specified by latest standard release both manual and automatic tests can be run.
  • The NDI 450 standard configuration includes a fast cooling system Peltier, a thermostated condenser and receiver compartment, an automatic fire extinguishing detection system , temperature range is 0 to 450 C, measure of ambient temperature and pressure, auto-diagnostic functions, keyboard and display connectors,3 USB ports, R5232 connector, Ethernet port to link to a server and/or LIMS.

Each NDI 450 unit is delivered with the following standard accessories: Flasks and CERAN plates for all methods mentioned above including drypoint, 100ml all glass receiver, a 5ml graduated cylinder to quantify residue, PT 100 probe, Automatic dry point kit, an operating and service manual.

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