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Automatic ASTM Analyzers
ASTM D1160
ASPHAN 02 Asphaltene Extractor
ASTM D56 Tag Flash Point
ASTM D92 Cleveland Flash Point
ASTM D93 Pensky Martens Flash Point
ASTM D2500 & D97 Cloud & Pour
ASTM D6371 CEN EN 116 Cold Filter Plugging Point
VW6 Visco Tubes Washer
ASTM D36 Ring & Ball Softening Point
ASTM D525 & D873 Oxidation
ASTM D2896 D4739 Total base number titrator
ASTM D4377 and all other methods KF Volumetric Titrator
ASTM (ALL METHODS) Penetrometer
ASTM D189 D4530 Carbon Residue and Micro Conradson Methods
Selected ASTM Analyzers
ASTM D445 Viscotity Bath
ASTM D3230 Salt in Crude
ASTM D381 Existent Gum Bath
ASTM D4058 Abrasion Rotating Test
ASTM D4164 Bulk Density Determination
ASTM D892 Foaming Test & Sequencer
ASTM 664 Total acid number titrator
ASTM D524 Ramsbottom Carbon Residue
ASTM D3437 Air Release Valve
ASTM D972 Evaporation Cell
ASTM D1742 Oil Separation from Grease
ASTM D721 Oil Content of Petroleum Waxes
ASTM D6 Revolving Shelf Oven
ASTM D1754 Thin Film Oven
ASTM D2872 Rolling Thin Film Oven
ASTM D5757 Attrition Fluidized Bed Catalyst test
ASTM D4179 D6175 D7084 Bulk and Grain Crushing Tests
Carburane GC Soft.-PONA, PIONA, DHA, On line GC's
Chromdis Simulated Distillation GC CSD, HTSD
Karl Fischer coulometric and Volumetric Titrator
TAN D664 , TBN D2896 D4739 , Mercaptan D3227 Titrators
Catalyst Evaluation Testers and Pilot Units
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